Sunday, August 30, 2015
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    During an initial intuitive consultation, Janet examines key events in a participant’s life, reviewing prominent areas of concern with regard to a person’s spiritual path. Archetypal habits of mind, which include areas of judgment, fear, attachment, ... Read More
  • Sunpoint™

    Janet Sussman cognized the Sunpoint™ method of energy realignment during the latter part of the 1970’s. She has continued to refine, synthesize and implement this wholly original consciousness process continually for over thirty years. Read More
  • Wednesday

    New course to explore skills to develop internal self-honesty and the resolution of core conflicts that arise in our awareness. What gets in the way of our capacity for honesty and how do we determine what is truly important in our lives. Read More
  • Group Remote Sunpoint

    Sunpoint is a comprehensive energy balancing method cognized by Janet Sussman, spiritual consultant and mentor. Read More
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  • This recording introduces you into a state of being, not
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  • Timeshift takes us on a voyage into the fabric of
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  • This music is a spiritual odyssey for the energy body,
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  • “Soaring piano epiphanies. Beautiful, exquisite, and uplifting."
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Special Upcoming Events

Welcome to Time Portal Publications!

This website offers a multifaceted peek into a highly original and congruent body of knowledge developed over a lifetime. The lectures. music, poetry  and published books contained here have the capacity to change the fabric of your thinking and your personal and cosmic consciousness.

Many adventurers over the years have entered this multi-temporal landscape with a fundamental willingness to alter their views on biology, history, time and space. If your heart has brought you to our door you are likely to have been traveling down this road of revelational awareness for a long time. Here lies a point of entry for self-challenge, intellectual and spiritual renewal, healing and self-mastery.

Your special contribution begins with what we value most, your keen, cultivated attention.

An Evening of Transformational Music
with Janet Sussman

Music Concert

Saturday, August 15

8:00 pm - 10 pm. Live in Charlotte, NC.

7233 Connan Lane, Charlotte, NC  28226

Music is a miniature of the harmony of the whole universe, for the harmony of the universe is life itself, and humans, being a miniature of the universe, show harmonious and inharmonious chords in their pulsations, in the beat of their hearts, in their vibration, rhythm and tone. Their health or illness, their joy or discomfort, all show the music or lack of music in their life. ~Hazrat Inayat Khan
"One evening of listening to Jan's music can completely change your life." TL.

Love offering. RSVP required. For further information call Janet at 980-236-7026 or email Janet.

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