Future of Intelligence

A Five-Month Webinar with Spiritual Consultant JANET IRIS SUSSMAN
Begins Wednesday, January 13 at 8:30 pm ET
20 sessions run through June of 2016
Fee: $600 or $35. per session

Please note:The $600.fee can be paid in three installments of $200 during the span of the course. Simply login with your username and password and navigate to the main menu 'Events' tab, then sub-menu named "My Account" and from there you can see your registered events and submit payments.

Course will include Lectures, Experiential Exercises, Original E-documents, and Participant Discussion

Please register during the month of December 2015. Webinar instructions will be mailed to you upon registration. Contact Janet by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 980-236-7026

Intelligence is not based solely on the functioning of the rational, cognitive mind, but on a profound interface between consciousness, the spiritual heart and the unfoldment of reason. For many thousands of years, education consisted mostly of memorization and recitation. The rationale was that the powers of analysis and original thought would be fostered once full mastery of the details of a subject was complete. In modern times, education in North America has relied less on such rote methods, the goal being to inspire students to develop original thinking and decision-making at an earlier age. Many teachers would likely agree that there has been a loss of in-depth factual knowledge in this process.

More recently, with the advent of digital technology and the ability of students to access the answers to any question with the click of a button, there is still less motivation to memorize. Information is moving very quickly and synthesis is based more on visual and auditory cues. This stage of development is leading to much more highly refined activity of the nervous system but it is still not utilizing the profound awareness of the higher mind.

In the spiritual community there has long been an emphasis on accessing information that is "downloaded" from other realms of awareness. However, the details of such experiences are difficult to replicate in waking state. We are moving closer to the mind actually being able to study itself, not only on the level of emotions or the structure of thought. We are learning to access information directly from superconscious cognitive sources. Through deep meditative states, students of awareness can directly train the mind to be sensitive to many areas of knowledge that previously were thought to require involved and comprehensive technical training.

The mind utilizes biological algorithms which have yet to be fully identified. These rules of conduct form the basis for consciousness and the expansion of human intelligence. Investigation of such algorithms elevates the mind and places it on a plane that it can gain access to non-localized sources more efficiently. A revolution in intelligence is emerging through the efficient processing of computerized data, the practical application of technologies of expanded awareness, and the ability to synthesize information more instantaneously. This course will seek to describe the experiential and cognitive processes that will evoke this shift, as well as utilizing spiritual time-traveling techniques to describe the stages of development as viewed in possible future time periods. By borrowing both knowledge and information from the future we will explore how to retrain the mind and heart as well as to learn from future "mistakes" so as to redirect our emphasis as we move along in the spiritual journey.