The Sunpoint Method

A Short History of the Sunpoint Method

Janet Sussman cognized the Sunpoint™ method of healing through energy realignment during the latter part of the 1970’s and has continued to refine, synthesize and implement this wholly original consciousness process continually for over thirty years. She has trained many students in the Sunpoint method and is able to transmit its wholeness without changing the unique signature. Sunpoint addresses the health, movement and clarity of the subtle energy centers or “chakras.” The inner light that emanates through this method awakens the individual to the knowledge of their True Self and opens them to the soul’s unique attributes and capabilities. The higher purpose is to bring the individual into a perception of the unification of the physical and nonphysical dimensions of reality, allowing full integration of his/her native intelligence. Through ongoing sessions, the individual is attuned to his/her own abilities of self-renewal and awakens one to an inner knowledge of spiritual and physical transformation.

After many years of serving people both as a practitioner and teacher, Janet has recently cognized the ability to transmit the Sunpoint vibratory signature directly to class participants in a compact, day-long or two-evening format. This is in addition to the previous process of the individual receiving a ten to twelve session series and then being readied for the atunement from a hands-on basis. She now offers these one-day training sessions with the purpose of having the participant be able to leave the experience with the immediate ability to practice on themselves or with a close friend or family member. Professional massage therapists, health practitioners, yoga teachers, etc. have also been attracted to this process and depending on their skill will be inspired to utilize Sunpoint as part of their healing practice. Participants report a spontaneous awakening of their spiritual energies and the ability to utilize the light value of consciousness as a service to themselves and others.

Sunpoint Regenerative Process

Once the chakra system has been strengthened and the articulation given a clarifying and powerful definition, the individual is able to hold energetic information more easily. Special attention is paid to the heart chakra in this process, which Janet has determined is the key area where individuals hold trauma.
Once an individual can perform the Sunpoint method on their own, Janet or senior students can function as a guiding influence to continue to refine the person’s spiritual understanding and experience.

Sunpoint Process and Experience

Hands-on Sessions

Sunpoint treatments may be offered through a series of hands-on treatments or through a remote transmission process. The hands on work is done through light contact to the body, sometimes barely touching the physical body itself. Once a person is trained in the Sunpoint method, the originating intelligence of the Sunpoint frequency will point the practitioner automatically to areas of the physical and subtle bodies requiring attention. Energy is directed in a very fluid, easy manner. It is not directed by mental intention, but rather through a type of yogic concentration that is developed directly from the experience of the energy/consciousness flowing through and around the practitioner. Both parties experience an unmistakable field of influence that lets each know that the process is working properly. The client will feel an immediate sense of deep relaxation and well being. One feels that one is under an umbrella of light that has an unmistakable signature of feeling and density. In the case of a hands-on session, this field is “spread” through the use of the practitioner’s hands. The practitioner may practice on an elevated table or on a comfortable futon or mattress placed on the floor. Style of practice varies according to circumstance and the physical flexibility of both client and practitioner.

Remote Sessions

An appointment for a remote session is made in advance and can be administered directly to the person or through a third party who acts as a ground for the session. This latter method works well in cases where one is asked to assist a young child or a person who is not able to ask for a session in their own right. Permission from the higher self of the person must always be gained in any case. Once the Sunpoint frequency is activated, the practitioner is able to enter into the subtle energy body of the subject and experiences a direct unification of consciousness. The practitioner is able to rest comfortably in his/her own energy field while “arcing” to the energy field of another person or group of people. There is an immediate sense of the Sunpoint field surrounding the practitioner which is accompanied by its characteristic feeling of an umbrella of dense light. The session takes place completely in silence, and if initiated by telephone, will be completed with a verbal review of the experience from the point of view of both client and practitioner. Suggestions of guided meditation or other spiritual instructions can be made to augment or support anomalies noticed in the subtle energy structures.

A combination of both hands-on and remote work can be utilized to strengthen different aspects of the subtle bodies and elevate and stabilize the vibrational frequencies that the individual presently upholds. The Sunpoint method can be combined with sonic vocalization techniques which Janet has developed which will create a synergistic effect on the efficacy of the process.

The Role of Kundalini Shakti in the Sunpoint Method

The awakening of the kundalini shakti due to spontaneous opening or as the result of rigorous spiritual practice can be a challenge to spiritual initiates or adepts. The Sunpoint method is particularly graceful in helping to clear blockages in the subtle structure that can inhibit the flow of movement in the chakra system and thereby support the flow of the shakti through the subtle physiology. Through many years of spiritual practice, Janet is able to cognize where the subtle energy flow is not responding and to bring awareness to these areas, creating more comfort and ease of movement in the system. This may be done either remotely or in person and is not an evaluative process associated with any particular spiritual tradition or esoteric technique but is a result of her direct experience. This knowledge is also transmitted to her students through dedicated commitment to both knowledge and practice.

Sunpoint Vocalization Process

Students who practice Sunpoint on a continuing basis often experience a vocal opening in the throat and solar plexus chakras which leads to a spontaneous experience of sound. Janet has worked diligently over three decades to develop a process of “sounding” which opens and clears the subtle structures on a multi-dimensional level. She is able to cognize how to move in and out of different group members in a healing performance or therapeutic environment and can elicit very specific changes in the mind/body/intellect complex. She is also able to do this by telephone in special group guided meditational sessions. As the chakras refined in her own physiology, changes in her capacity to vocalize became very pronounced. Participants report it is as if the sound is emanating not only from Janet’s own body but creates a “surround sound” effect that is unmistakable and very powerful. She is presently creating the opportunity for students to learn these breathing and vocalization processes as an adjunct to or as a separate modality within their own spiritual practice and service.

Sunpoint and the Yoga of the Heart

Janet has noted over the years that the principal place where stress tends to be stored in the subtle body structures is in the heart chakra. She has therefore spent her life developing unique processes of awakening and clearing the heart so that it can give and receive love more fully. She feels that spiritual practice is a journey of infinite discovery and that the heart is the source and the wellspring of our celestial knowledge. Through dropping our attention from the cranial field into the “base of the heart” unique functions of cognition awaken and the individual feels capable of experiencing a full, expansive field of both personal and divine love. As the heart chakra stabilizes, consciousness is able to move more completely into the unification value of awareness, and the individual is given to an experience of the simultaneous merger of Self and other. There is a quickening in the heart that is physically palpable and unmistakable that draws the individual into the innermost secrets of the heart’s unique nature. Through depth self-observation from the deepest level of being, the individual is able to ascertain his or her own strengths and weaknesses on both behavioral and energetic levels and shift focus to a place of clarity and generosity of spirit.

Sunpoint and the Multi-Temporal Experience

In the depth of the heart there is a temporal envelope that defines the “bearing” or spirit of the human individual. Here, inside that envelope lies the capacity of our spirit to calibrate our temporal location, understand our dimensional process and interact with our environment in a cogent, strong and “real” context. This sense of reality can be accessed through an interwoven union between the frequencies imparted through the Sunpoint field experience and our own inner sensibility as a living entity. This union creates a dialogue between ourselves and the dimensional environment through which we can create our world in concert with the natural forces of Earth and Sky. These two powerful aspects of material consciousness can be softened, blended and circumscribed through the living value of inner light found inside the psycho-physical heart. Directly imbued with an understanding of our essential nature, the heart can literally “sing” with a sense of joy, happiness and wonder. The geophysical process of Sunpoint lodged silently and powerfully in the heart is a preparatory field towards the involution of a consciousness that is able to live in more than one dimensional field as a simultaneous, living experience. This is the value of the Sunpoint process as a whole.

Instructional and Treatment Opportunities

Individuals, Small and Large Group Settings

Janet provides in-person and long-distance energy healing using the Sunpoint method to individuals and in group settings. She also provides spiritual counseling using the Sunpoint method. Based in Fairfield, Iowa, she is also teaches classes, seminars, workshops in energy healing and meditation therapy. She has a keen interest in training and instruction and enjoys sharing her methodologies with interested parties from all walks of life.

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